Aumenta la amenaza para la Tierra del asteroide Apophis

Los cálculos estaban equivocados ahora la amenaza para la tierra es mayor de lo previsto.
El asteroide Apophis tiene un diámetro de 320 metros, un 20% mayor de los que se pensaba en un principio. Algunos estudios pronosticaban un posible impacto con nuestro planeta para 2029 y ahora se piensa que habría probabilidades en 2036.

El tamaño del asteroide Apophis es un 20% mayor de lo... by euronews spanish


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Woer chops two pairs of wonder 22 minutes great victory is terminative 7 years deeply sun history
Time of Beijing of Yahoo sports dispatch on March 17 message, in the NBA convention competition that has today, wonder advocate field 127-105 gets the better of the sun greatly. Since since 2006, this is wonder comes nearly 7 years first conquer sun, they had been defeated by adversary continuously before this 10. In addition, this battle also let wonder be greeted advocate 5 Lian Sheng.
4 specific score is both sides (the sun is advanced) : 29-27; 30-39; 24-36 and 22-25. Wei Baisi is special 3 minutes of balls 10 cast 7 in cut next the whole audience 34 minutes highest, john - Wo Er 11 cast 8 in 17 minutes of 11 second secondary attack 5 backboard, ao Kafu 17 minutes of 10 backboard, inside inside 14 minutes, bill 13 minutes of 6 backboard, tanpuer 11 minutes. Bisili takes below 21 minutes for the sun, du Deli 16 minutes, delajiji 12 minutes of 11 second secondary attack, ma Jifu - Morris 13 minutes of 9 backboard, small O'Neil 12 minutes of 8 backboard, the tower overcomes 11 minutes of 9 bank.
Match begin sun is held all the time windward, wei Baisi is connected so that help wonder 5 minutes exceed score instead especially. First finally 2 minutes of 50 seconds, the sun calls the small climax of a 8-2, banner wonder of the first 29-27. Inside and outside of reserve of the 2nd wonder blossoms, reverse condition quickly. Tanpuer and Wei Bai Si are especially successive hit the target 3 minutes, a 9-2 obtains wonder 46-41 is banner. Deadlocked score makes the atmosphere on field a little nervous, very fast Bisili and small O'Neil take turns is blown the technology fouls. During this, wonder captures an opportunity to call the aggression climax of a 18-5. First half ends, wonder 66-59 banner sun.
Begin of the 3rd wonder hits a 5-0, expand the advantage two digit. This section crosses half abstruse card blessing to connect 5 minutes, bai Ke grabs next aggression backboard to fill cast hit the target, wonder precedes the advantage expands. Although tower gram casts over-distance of middling pressure chirp 3 minutes, but 3 suns after passing or 83-102 are backward wonder. Last wonder did not give the sun any chances, ended finally successive [url=]cheap kids nike shoes[/url] 10 records that are defeated by the sun.
Sun head sends a battle array: Ma Jifu - Morris, Marcus - Morris, Weisili - Johnson, small O'Neil, Delajiji;
Wonder head sends a battle array: Wei Baisi is special, inside inside, Aokafu, John - Wo Er, Jialeite - Tanpuer. (Responsibility edits: Wang Fengxiang)


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